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Kue Jahe
Just a kid who wants to pursue her dream to be fashion designer, animator and comic illustrator.. :D


Current Residence: Unknown.. :D
Favourite genre of music: Rock!RnB!Dance!Pop!
Favourite photographer: ? Don't know much about them..? 0__o
Favourite style of art: Manga, Realistic, Photograph, Traditional Art
Operating System: ? Man.. why you should ask? :D
MP3 player of choice: My Greenheart Phone :D
Favourite cartoon character: Kurapika-sama! ^w^~~
Personal Quote: : I just wanna be my self, I don't wanna be the other! (So, love your self too buddy!)
  • Reading: HxH Kurapika's special chapther
  • Watching: Kurapika's fac
  • Eating: Food
  • Drinking: water.. as usual :D
Well, this end of year must be shocking for every Kurapika fan.. ok I must say..: me ^^
Yeah, just couple days ago I read HxH special chapter part 1. And.. gues what..? It was all about Kurapika! Woohoo!

And it was like I'm dying to see how Kurapika's past like, what exactly Kuruta tribe are, who was his "friends" and that's all!! I dunno after being a fan of HxH for years, I finally got a chance to read the story that I want from HxH: Kurapika's past! :O

I just can't say how exciting it is. But I dunno as I read the first chapter, I (don't) really believe that it was Togashi's works btw..?
Why? I dunno. I have been following HxH since 2005 and just something on this chapter make me think that.. "Was it really Togashi's works?
Or it simply for the promotion of the new HxH movie??" -________-

I'm excited to see Kurapika's childhood (as I expected before, he was a happy and cheering  as a kid). I'm happy to see his friendship with Pyro too (which quite like Gon-Killua friendship. Pure friendship as always~ :D) But.. that's all.

I'm reading chapter 2 and when I reach the last page, I just like.. err.........................................................
It's quite weird if Kurapika didn't see the massacre of his clan. And the reason why he is now the "Last Survivor" was quite.. naive -__-
.. Is it because he's travelling to outside world and than realizing that his clan was massacred and.. that's "ALL"??

I was used to believe that he was seeing the Phantom Troupe member murdered his clan, and was seeing their "spider tatoo" So that way he always remembered the spider things until now..

But in this chapter, It seems like that he knows that his clan was massacred by watching the TV News(since he's not in the village at time) and so.. my question is............................... "How he could remembered that-spider-tatoo-??(and his eyes going red every time see it)" and.. "How he can finds out that the Phantom Troupe was a murder?? (since nothings left on place besides Kuruta clan's all dead bodies) I dunno, but this all just make sense! :(( *so-not-Togashi-in my opinion) *I remembering Kurapika's fights with Majitani on the tower of examination arc. He seems to be remered the spider tatoo so much*

Anyone out here have an idea about it btw?? Does the chapter really just for the movie and have no related to the original story? (Or maybe there's someone who make the stories besides Togashi? A Movie writer ~maybe?)

Oh well, and I dunno that this journal will be this long~~ haha!  After all, happy holiday to those who had theirs now! *Meh is not yet xD*

(Awaawaa.. Anyone know how to provide the journal with the image?*used image hosting or something ? I really want to put images on this journal! :O )

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Selamat Ulang tahun !
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selamat ulang tahun !
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Untuk lebih lengkapnya bisa melihat promotional video dari kami di [link]

terima kasih, dan sampai jumpa di Kreavi :D
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Yeah! I love avatar! XD
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